Trial flight

Test yourself as a pilot!


Fly a real airplane

over Budapest or Szeged


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Take the control of a real aircraft after a short ground briefing with a flight instructor..


Tipp: Great gift!

Purchase a gift card "the experience of flying"      0036 70/622 6304

Price: 25.900 Ft

The program lasts for about 1 hour    

Landing Cessna.jpg

How it works:

1. Scheduling a date
   After scheduling an appointment (Mo through Fr, 9 to 17) on 003670/622-6304, we'll meet at the airport (Tököl or Szeged).

2. Ground briefing

    The instructor introduces the airplane, gives a briefing about how to fly the aircraft, how to make basic maneuvers and explains in-flight tasks.                     Timeframe: about 15-25 minutes.

3.  Flight

    Shortly after the briefing, we are heading for take-off. In the first section, the instructor shows how to handle the plane, which you are able to follow very easily due to the double steering organs. Afterwards, the instructor shall transfer control to you step by step, until, finally, you'll be able to fly in a harmonic manner. AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE :) !!  (timeframe: 25 minutes)

4. After party :)

    After successfully accomplishing all in-flight tasks, the "pilot candidate" receives a well deserved certificate from the Fly Team instructor.

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